iPhone back panel replacement.

Our non-invasive repair uses precision laser ablation to remove the broken glass.

  • Cracked glass removal without marring or solvents.

  • New, original glass installed with watertight seal.

  • Done in about 30 minutes

Back Glass Laser

back glass

Wondering why other shops charge hundreds to fix back glass? Why Apple considers a cracked back panel to be unfixable and charges for a replacement phone? Apple meant for a glass-only repair to be impossible. The glass cement in your phone is impermeable in the harshest solvents, it doesn’t soften with heat or become brittle at cryogenic temperatures. Other shops are replacing the entire rear housing, which includes the back glass, antennas, buttons and other components. A whole frame replacement takes 2 hours and all the parts are very expensive. Fortunately, we have a much more efficient method that saves everyone time and money.