What are aftermarket or “copy” screens for iPhones?

Our listed screen repair pricing reflects original parts installed with factory equipment. However, if you would like 20 to 50 percent off your iPhone screen repair, we can install an aftermarket screen instead.

These are the same screens used by the majority of chain Device Repair stores, shops in the mall, etc.
The screen is installed as a laminated assembly which means the repair is done in as little as 10 minutes.
Our lifetime guarantee still applies, we’ll keep replacing it when it becomes too defective.
They are very cheap, quick to install, and are often indiscernible to the untrained eye.
If you’re repairing your phone just to trade it in, this is ideal.

Aftermarket screens are extremely fragile, have lower resolution, less touch sensitivity and we don’t recommend them if you plan on keeping your phone for more than a month.
These screens have a much thinner and chemically inferior front glass panel, it loves to crack, even during installation.
The design is fundamentally different and it lends to dead-spots in the touch screen and poor color rendering, if they work at all; about 10 percent are dead on arrival and a percentage of the surviving screens will fail after a month.
The copy touch screen digitizer is part of the glass rather than integrated with the LCD, should you crack the glass it will quit working entirely.

These might be called “aftermarket, third-party, high-grade copies,” or simply “high-copies.”
Interestingly, “refurbished” iPhones bought from carrier stores almost always have these screens.

We carry a limited quantity so please call to check our stock first!

  • iPhone 8 – Copy Glass Only $99 – Copy Glass & LCD $129
  • iPhone 8 Plus – Copy Glass Only $119 – Copy Glass & LCD $149
  • iPhone 7 – Copy Glass Only $89 – Copy Glass & LCD $99
  • iPhone 7 Plus – Copy Glass Only $99 – Copy Glass & LCD $119
  • iPhone 6S – Copy glass & LCD – $49
  • iPhone 6S Plus – Copy glass & LCD – $99
  • iPhone 6 – Copy glass & LCD – $49
  • iPhone 6 Plus – Copy glass & LCD – $79
  • iPhone SE – Only original parts available.
  • iPhone 5/5C/5S – Copy glass & LCD – $59