Our pricing is significantly lower than average. How is this?
A cheaper repair usually means a knock-off screen or no warranty.
But there are different reasons for our pricing: our proprietary advantages, low overhead and focus on growth.

  • For one, this whole operation is still owner-operated. We own the commercial space and we actually live in it (mixed-use zoning). This really cuts down on the overhead!
  • Secondly, we don’t invest a fortune in advertising. Word-of-mouth is free and there’s no better advertisement than offering something of value.
  • The real reason: We’re cheaper, because we aren’t a cheap operation.
    Behind our tiny front office you won’t find an exorbitant pay-per-click ad campaign. You’ll find a massive clean-room packed with state of the art machinery of our own design. We buy the very best materials and repair the original bonded screen assembly itself! This way we re-use the original LCD and touch components of your screen. LCD’s aren’t just expensive, the original LCDs aren’t manufactured for use as replacements and have to be acquired from iPhones.
  • We spare no expense on parts and raw materials. We use the best there is. We just use less.

The current leading device repair companies are taking the opposite approach.
Maybe they’re right and marketing is more important than product quality, but we’re betting on ourselves.


Our repair process has taken many nights and weekends to perfect.

  • The only way to get OEM (original) iPhone LCDs is to pull them from straight from actual Apple iPhones. So that’s what we do! Our LCDs are OEM, carefully harvested from cracked iPhone screen assemblies and thoroughly tested to ensure they perform flawlessly. No LCD performs like an original and even the most expensive clones still have poor color rendering and limited life-spans.
  • The glass we use is alkali-aluminosilicate, liquefied and drawn into a sheet. Strengthened in a bath of molten potassium salts and given a fluorosilane coating to make the surface lipophobic. See “Gorilla Glass.” If you’ve ever had your glass repaired elsewhere you may have noticed the surface no longer repels fingerprints and breaks more easily. Some of our glass is actually stronger than the original.
  • We apply a film of transparent gel to the glass, then it goes into a vacuum chamber and is laminated to the LCD. The whole assembly is left to cure inside a heated pressure chamber. The result is a hermetically sealed screen with perfect optical clarity.
  • Lastly, a special adhesive is applied to the plastic frames, then the glass and frames are placed into machined alignment-molds and held together with a pneumatic press until the adhesive fully cures, so they never come apart. If you’ve ever had repairs done with pre-assembled frames from China, you may see the glass detach from the plastic frame after 2 weeks, an issue we have completely solved.

The result is a far less wasteful process and a superior product that lasts.