We address water-damage for data-recovery only.

We do not address water damage just for the sake of your device.

  • Water damage is a degenerative problem, pitted solder beneath integrated components and subtle chip-level damage caused by shorting will quickly lead to more component failure.
  • The backlight, battery, charging port, microphones, cameras and speakers are also sensitive to water and often need to be replaced as well.
  • The time, specialized equipment and expertise required to perform board-level troubleshooting outweigh the value of the device.

As with all of our work, your data is guaranteed or there is no fee.

We will return your device completely reassembled, 32GB or 64GB flash drives are available for $15 or $20.

iPhone Encryption

Data Recovery for iPhones – $299
We will restore function to the original components, enter the passcode and make an iTunes backup. This involves cleaning, reflow and replacement of damaged components at board level.
Our current turnaround for this service is 4 weeks.
Data is guaranteed or there is no fee.

Embedded Memory PinoutData Recovery for other devices – $249
For Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC devices we can extract the embedded memory and read the data directly!
This method is very reliable, but not possible for iPhones and other encrypted devices. Click here for more information.