Seattle Device Repair

With an appointment, most repairs are done in 30 minutes!

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Lifetime Guarantee

All our parts and workmanship are guaranteed. If a replaced part stops working or something doesn’t feel right, we’ll re-do the repair at no cost. This does not cover new damage.

Quality Parts

Our focus is quality. It takes serious equipment to properly repair today’s smartphones. We de-bond adhesives within a cryogenic freezer and laminate your display panels within a vacuum chamber. Even the manufacturer won’t know we’ve touched it, we have the same machinery they used to make it.

Done Fast

You’re here because you need fast service. If you had time to wait around, you’d fix it yourself. We get that. There’s no queue here, no stack of devices and no waiting. When we get work, we get to it right away. Most screen repairs are done in half an hour.

Seattle Device Repair offers repairs for the iPhone, iPad, and most Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and LG smartphones and tablets.

Our specialty is cracked iPhone screens. We have specialized machinery for this purpose and it accounts for 90% of our work.
We also carry batteries, charging ports, etc and we have micro-milling and laser soldering equipment for logic boards.